Locate Us

In the heart of the Flatiron District.

The Flatiron Room is situated at 37 West 26th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway, within New York’s Flatiron District. It is in the middle of the block, on the North side of the street, across the street from Hill Country.

From the N/R Train: Walk south to 26th Street and turn right towards 6th Avenue.
From the F/M Train & Path Train: Walk north to 26th Street and turn right towards Broadway.
From the 1 Train: Walk south to 26th Street and turn left towards Broadway.
From the 6 Train: Walk west to 5th Avenue. Turn left to 26th Street and turn right towards 6th Avenue.

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If you are to arrive by auto, please bring a designated driver… There is a parking garage on either side of, and across the street from, The Flatiron Room.

Please direct all correspondence to Info@TheFlatironRoom.com or telephone 212 725 3860.


If you are interested in performing on our stage please contact  Nolan@TheFlatironRoom.com. Be sure to include the type of music you play, your availability, a website and any photos or videos you may have.  Our musicians tend to stick with us for sometime, so openings are not frequent — however we’re always on the lookout for great new talent that fits our brand.


About Us

To get a picture of what The Flatiron Room is, let’s start by defining what it is not.

We are not a trendy nightclub. We do not have pounding loud music. You will not stand shoulder to shoulder with people you do not know. You will not receive a watered down drink made with cheap house liquor. We are not a passing trend. We are classic, timeless and anything but a flash in the pan.

The Flatiron Room is a place where whiskey enthusiasts can come to enjoy, learn, sample, and discuss the complexities of this fine spirit. It is a place where adults or mature souls can come to find tasteful entertainment in a comfortable and beautiful environment. They say that drinking whiskey is an experience best shared.

Our Reservation Policy:

We recommend you make a reservation in advance. We always reserve some seats for walk-ins, but why chance it? Give us a call to make sure we have a space for you: 212.725.3860.

• SUNDAY — THURSDAY: We accept general reservations up to (6) guests. If your party is  larger than 6 please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

• FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS: We accept general reservations up to (6) guests. For larger parties we offer  our upstairs room. Your guests will have private use of the room for a 3-hour period with a required  $2000 minimum spend (food & drink). The room can be reserved with an open bar or food option. For more information please contact: info@TheFlatironRoom.com or 212.725-3860.

• The Flatiron Room is a “seated bar”, meaning we want all of our guests to be comfortably seated throughout the night. We feel this is the best way for you and others to enjoy your time with us. The only standing area is on the islands in front of the bar. This is reserved for patrons waiting for their party to arrive.

• For larger parties we offer a semi-private area in our Tasting Room. This room is reserved for parties of 20+. It comfortably sits 35 or 50 standing. The Tasting Room can only be reserved with an open bar or food option (passed hors d’oeuvres or stations). Please contact us at 212.725.3860 if you are interested.

ª All reservations, regardless of size, will receive (1) check.

• If your party exceeds the initial guest count we cannot guarantee accommodations. (We’ll do our very best though)

• Please order your drinks from your server. If the drinks seem to be taking a bit too long, please resist the urge to go to the bar. Our cocktails are incredibly delicious and crafted with love. Sometimes this may take a bit longer than normal drinks, but we think you’ll agree they are well worth the wait.

• We will hold reservations for up to 10 minutes. If you arrive after this, we cannot guarantee seating. (As always, we’ll do our very best)

If you arrive and are told we are at our capacity please do not get upset.

We are not trying to be snooty or exclusive in any way. We love our guests. So much so that we are willing to turn some away so the ones inside can best enjoy their experience. We want all of our guests to experience The Flatiron Room in the way it was meant to be enjoyed – where there is a seat available for every person. Where you are not standing shoulder to shoulder with a stranger (that’s what friends are for). Where you can hear the person you are sitting with and you can get the proper attention and service you deserve.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 4pm – 2am
Saturday 5pm – 2am
Sunday 5pm – 12am

A classic & timeless gathering place offering our mature and discerning guests an impressive selection of spirits and cocktails with entertainment and fine cuisine, all in a relaxing atmosphere.