Who's that Dog?

Upon opening The Flatiron Room, Tommy Tardie was gifted a beautiful painting by Dr. Bill Lumsden, the Director of Whisky Creation at Ardbeg and Glenmorangie. The painting is of a small dog wearing a crown which now resides on the FIR’s fireplace mantle and continually draws questions as to who is it, and where did it come from? So here’s the story from our friends at Ardbeg.

The history behind the painting

“Shortie used to live at a house next to the distillery and would wander down to Ardbeg distillery every morning to hang out with the boys in the warehouse. They always give him fresh water and then feed him so he, being a wise dog, would keep coming back. This continued for a considerable time so we adopted him as our mascot!

We would also find him digging holes all around the distillery – which in time built his reputation as having the peatiest nose on Islay.”

Make Friends with Shortie on Your Instagram

So be sure to say hi to Shortie when you visit, grab a photo with him for your Instagram feed, and raise a toast to his nose and fine taste in distilleries!

Shortie in his painting above the Flatiron Room’s Fireplace