New York Post: Heather Greene “Drinks Like It’s Her Job”

November 28, 2012

From the New York Post

Heather Greene  is the “whiskey sommelier” at the Flatiron Room, a new lounge that opened in September offering some 500 bottles. The 38-year-old is one of the few female whiskey specialists in the world.

New-York-post-image“We didn’t know what to call me,” says Greene. “Whiskey expert sounded pretentious. We decided on whiskey sommelier, because people understand it immediately.”

 Aside from procuring new whiskeys for the bar’s portfolio, Greene’s duties at the Flatiron Room include leading tasting classes and educating guests — a skill that is more in-demand than ever.

“We’re seeing an incredible growth in the whiskey world,” says Greene. “There’s a new whiskey frontier,” she says. “It’s approachable, chic, fun.”

The Dame of Drinks says the current whiskey craze can be linked to nostalgia brought on by the likes of “Boardwalk Empire” and New Yorkers’ thirst for adventure.

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