Departures: “We intend to be the largest selection of whiskies on the East Coast”.

January 30, 2013

From Departures


If you are a whisky connoisseur, the ultimate evening out would probably unfold in a warm establishment that carries hundreds of varieties of their beloved brown spirit. This place is surely hard to find. This is the moment you pull that trusty rabbit (bottle of Scotch?) out of the hat, pointing them in the direction of New York’s Flatiron Room.

While Champagne, wine and cocktails are served, it’s the close to 600 varieties of whisky under one roof that has aficionados buzzing about this fine spirits parlour in the city’s Flatiron neighborhood.

 Founder and owner Tommy Tardie says his intention is to offer the largest selection of whiskies on the US East Coast, from the traditional to the rare, birthed in distilleries from America, Canada, Ireland and Scotland to India, Japan, France, Sweden and Australia. Sounds like a gamble, but one offset by what Tardie candidly describes as the distinct nature of whisky drinkers. “They are promiscuous. They love trying new things.”
While glass cabinets showcasing the whisky collection are the spotlight, the reclaimed wood floors, leather banquettes and live Prohibition-style jazz all lend the parlour a sophisticated feel. Upstairs, Tardie has created a tasting room for those attending ‘Whisky School’ (led by a whisky sommelier), while a ‘Bottle Keep’ programme allows patrons to buy their favourite whisky and store it there.


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