Women You Should Know: Our “Dame of Drinks” Heather Greene

January 16, 2013

From Women You Should Know


Meet woman you should know, Heather Greene, one of the world’s only certified female Scotch whiskey experts. Heather, an accomplished singer and songwriter, was building her career, when after moving to Scotland to explore her heritage and work on her music, discovered her love for whiskey. This newly found passion led her to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh, where she became the first American woman invited to the prestigious tasting panel. Today, Heather is determined to get the American public, especially women, as excited about whiskey as she is.

Twenty years ago, women ordering whiskey at a bar may have seemed out of place, but today, this “boys club” indulgence is quickly gaining popularity among us, thanks to women like Heather. Winner of Whisky Magazine’s American Young Ambassador of the Year award, Heather recently became the first female Whiskey Sommelier at The Flatiron Room, a whiskey and fine spirits parlor in New York City. She is also their Director of Whiskey Education, and the former ambassador for Glenfiddich. Because we aren’t savvy whiskey connoisseurs, yet, we turned to Heather to give us the basics on what we need to know.


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