We work with outstanding musicians who perform nightly on our stage.

We are not a listening room. Our music is meant to enhance your dining and drinking experience. Conversation during performances is acceptable and applause between songs is always appreciated.

Our state of the art sound system was carefully selected and crafted to ensure that our guests can hear the music, without feeling it in their bones. This is entertainment your ears will thank us for now and later.

Looking to play on The Flatiron Room stage?

If you are interested in performing on our stage please contact Be sure to include the type of music you play, your availability, a website and any photos or videos you may have. Our musicians tend to stick with us for sometime, so openings are not frequent — however we are always on the lookout for great new talent that fits our brand.

Enjoy The Flatiron Room's Latest Spotify Playlist

Our playlist is made up of some of the artists you can see when you stop in the Flatiron Room.