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Welcome to the Flatiron Room’s blog. Here is where we discuss our passion: whiskey & all things whiskey. Learn about why it’s spelled different depending up where it’s made to what it takes to make it. If you are as passionate about whiskey as we are & want to learn more then attend one of our Whiskey Classes.

Peated Whisky

What is Peated Whisky?

The Scottish whisky industry falls into five official whisky regions and one unofficial one. While there are smoky whiskies from other areas, Islay is the

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Is Moonshine Whiskey

Is Moonshine Whiskey?

Moonshine holds a unique and somewhat contradictory place in U.S. history. Moonshiners regularly spread inaccurate information, while the whiskey industry misleads prospective buyers with half-truths.

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Irish Whisky Casks

Irish Whisky 101

Irish Whisky 101 Irish whiskey must originate in Ireland. In most cases, it is a mixture of pot and column-stilled, malted, and unmalted whiskeys. Other

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