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About Us

To get a picture of what The Flatiron Room is, let’s start by defining
what it is not

WE ARE NOT A TRENDY NIGHTCLUB.  We do not have pounding loud music. You will not stand shoulder to shoulder with people you do not know. You will not receive a watered down drink made with cheap house liquor. We are not a passing trend. We are classic, timeless and anything but a flash in the pan.

The Flatiron Room is a place where whiskey enthusiasts can come to enjoy, learn, sample, and discuss the complexities of this fine spirit. It is a place where adults or mature souls can come to find tasteful entertainment and fine food  in a comfortable and beautiful environment. They say that drinking whiskey is an experience best shared.

The Flatiron Room is an upscale parlor where guests can relax with like minded people and share. Share food, share your love for live entertainment, share stories and opinions … all in a warm, relaxed and unrushed atmosphere.

We’re not just Whiskey.

Although whiskey is a large part of what we are about, we recognize that it is not for everyone. Our  bartenders  take  the classic cocktails and put a unique spin on it. The results are something we feel proud to serve in our fine establishment. We serve all traditional  liquors such as vodka, tequila, rum  as well as wine and champagne.

It’s about the experience.

OUR WHISKEY LIST:  Is one of the most extensive on all of the East Coast.  We have scoured the map of distilleries and offer you what we believe is the widest selection of whiskey in the area, with knowledge about every bottle on our shelf. We currently offer over 1,000 variants. For a small sample of our offerings visit our whiskey menu.

OUR WHISKEY GUIDES:  Any one of our educated whiskey guides would be happy to help you navigate our whiskey menu. We are proud to feature some really rare whiskies — old and new. We encourage you to come and explore new things together with us and we are here to help you learn and experience at a level you are comfortable with.

OUR WHISKEY SCHOOL:  Our whiskey school offers courses for all levels. We have classes for connoisseurs, and others for beginners who are simply curious to learn more. Our classes are hosted by whiskey masters, brand ambassadors and aficionados from around the globe. To learn more visit our Whiskey School page.

OUR FOOD:  Whiskey is a simple, pure spirit. It’s made from water, cereal and a bit of yeast. That’s it. Distill it, barrel it and let it sit. Clean, simple, pure. We wanted our menu to reflect this simplicity.  Similar to whiskey, the flavor profiles of our food will by dynamic and complex and span a range of flavors but the dishes served are meant to enjoy in their most natural state.

OUR SPACE:  From rich leather banquettes to hand-painted coffered ceilings, the décor exudes a sense of aristocratic wealth. 100 year old reclaimed floorboards mingle with vintage Italian wallpaper and black walnut tables to create a sumptuous, refined setting. Fine wood moldings adorn the walls and ceilings. A glow from our decorative fireplace warms the room, while dramatic chandeliers and wall sconces cast it in a soft glow. A opulent stage sits center and is adorned with lavishly hung velvet curtains.

The elevated private room provides a comfortable and secluded space for customized whiskey tastings and cocktail receptions. A Whiskey Guide will always be available to lead the session with the selected whiskey samplings.

OUR RESERVATIONS POLICY:  We recommend you make a reservation in advance. We always reserve some seats for walk-ins, but why chance it?  Give us a call to make sure we have a space for you:  212.725.3860  or click on our reservation link.

• SUNDAY — WEDNESDAY:  We accept general reservations up to (6) guests.  if your party is  larger than 6 please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

• THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAYS:  We accept general reservations up to (6) guests.  For larger parties we offer  our upstairs room. Your guests will have private use of the room for a 3-hour period  with a required  $2000 minimum spend (food & drink). The room can  be reserved with an open bar or food option.  For more information please contact: or 212.725-3860.

• The Flatiron Room is a “seated bar”, meaning we want all of our guests to be comfortably seated  throughout the night. We feel this is the best way for you and others to enjoy your time with us. The only standing area is on the islands in front of the bar. This is reserved for patrons waiting for their party to arrive.

ª All reservations, regardless of size, will receive (1) check.

• If your party exceeds the initial guest count we cannot guarantee accommodations. (We’ll do our very best though)

• Please order your drinks from your server. If the drinks seem to be taking a bit too long, please resist the urge to go to the bar. Our cocktails are incredibly delicious and crafted with love. Sometimes this may take a bit longer than normal drinks, but we think you’ll agree they are well worth the wait.

• We will hold reservations for up to 10 minutes. If you arrive after this, we cannot guarantee seating. (as always, we’ll do our very best though)


If you arrive and are told we are at our capacity please do not get upset. We are not trying to be snooty or exclusive in any way. We love guests. So much so that we are willing to turn some away so the ones inside can best enjoy their experience. We want all of our guests to experience The Flatiron Room in the way it was meant to be enjoyed – where there is a seat available for every person. Where you are not standing shoulder to shoulder with a stranger (that’s what friends are for). Where you can hear the person you are sitting with and you can get the proper attention and service you deserve.

OUR STAGE: Is home to some outstanding entertainment acts that perform nightly. We are NOT a listening room however. Our music is meant to be background and is there to enhance your experience — not BE the experience. We encourage you to continue conversation while the music is playing.  We have viewed dozens upon dozens of groups to find the best acts to perform for you. Visit our calendar and sit back and enjoy the show.

OUR STATE OF THE ART SOUND SYSTEM:  Was carefully selected and crafted to ensure that our guests can hear the music, without feeling it in their bones. This is entertainment your ears will thank us for now and later.

OUR DRESS CODE:  The appropriate attire for your visit with us is  Business Casual. Collared shirts are suggested for gentlemen. Well-kept jeans are permitted. Please no hats, flip-flops or casual shorts.  We welcome all forms of style and taste (who are we to judge).  We have complimentary coat check for your backpacks and coats. Please use it as we think you and the guests around you will be much more comfortable.